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About Us & Our Lasers

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It’s our philosophy to aid in healing, and nothing else

Natural byproducts of PowerMedic’s this philosophy include great ergonomics with intuitive and self-explanatory controls.

All our products have excellent build quality being both sturdy and reliable. Not to mention the beautiful aesthetics designed into all of our products.


PowerMedic was established in 1982. We have been involved with the development and production of laser therapy devices since it was founded.

Our overall objective is to deliver technological solutions for relieving and curing illnesses in people and animals. The goal is to create tools for professional practitioners that can accelerate the natural healing process.

It is our philosophy that our products should not pretend to be anything more than what they are. The purpose of our products is what underlines our overall objective – to aid in healing – and nothing else. Ergonomics, simple intuitive operation and self-explanatory controls are all a natural result of this objective. A robust, reliable, solid and well-rounded tool follows. Not to mention the beautiful aesthetics designed into all of our products.

It is our opinion that the greatest inspiration for improvement and new development comes from the users of our products. Openness and responsiveness are therefore an integrated part of our pursuit of constantly developing even better products – in line with our vision: to accelerate healing and give people and animals a better life.