Treating Infertility with Laser therapy
Babies born by Laser Therapy Treatment for Infertility
Using Laser Therapy to Increase Fertility, only at The Body Life Clinic

Treating Infertility

Treating infertility with laser therapy is a fairly new thing in Ireland. Practitioners far abroad have had excellent results in treating couples who are having difficulties conceiving. Fertility

Since the GigaLaser was released in 2008, we have been seeing more and more “laser babies” being born. These are babies born by an otherwise infertile mother after treatment with laser therapy.

In Japan, they have been studying the connection between improved fertility and laser therapy. There is now documentation that even very low doses, laser treatment can help improve the quality of the man’s semen and the woman’s chances of getting pregnant.

It’s time for you and Ireland to get on the map. You can visit The Body Life Clinic today for treatment, or purchase your own GigaLaser for your upcoming fertility practice. Get in touch.

Laser therapy and fertility

We recommend laser treatment for you if you have, or suspect that you have, the following symptoms:

  • Reduced blood circulation to the uterus or ovaries. Reduced blood circulation can be caused by age/arteriosclerosis, scar tissue (for instance from earlier surgeries or abdominal infections), inactivity etc.
  • Muscle tensions in the surrounding muscles, which can block both nerve and vascular supply
  • Frequently recurring infections/inflammations in the abdomen, such as herpes, candida (fungus), allergies, and chlamydia. In these cases, however, laser treatment should not stand alone but should be combined with regular medicinal treatment.
  • Hormonal imbalance, for instance because of PCO/PCOS
  • Reduced egg quality, for instance due to age
  • Reduced semen quality

Many of the above mentioned problems can be difficult to diagnose. Therefore, laser treatment is especially relevant if you are involuntarily childless without a known cause.

Treatment Course

We recommend that you receive laser therapy 5-6 times in the weeks leading up to ovulation (or In Vitro Fertilization also known as IVF if you combine treatments). It can be beneficial to combine the laser treatment with other types of fertility treatment. Have a chat with one of our specialists for options.

It is worth noting that women over 40 should expect the need to be treated over a longer period of time and with a lower success rate. We have experienced that most men will find that the quality of their semen has improved after only three treatments.

The GigaLaser is great for these treatments because it covers a large area of the body.